23 February 2009

Adventures in Baking

Every weekend, lately, has been filled with baking therapy. I'm sure this goes without saying, but it's deeply satisfying to take ingredients and mold them into something delicious. And making it for people I love is all the better. After a week of feeling like I got little accomplished, a morning in the kitchen baking can make up for it. And choosing recipes where I have most of the ingredients on hand helps our budget.

So, we now have homemade snickerdoodles and granola. I especially love the granola -- I added almonds and raisins -- as cereal in the mornings. I had also planned on making whole wheat bread again but the weekend got away from me. I made bread last weekend, and Adam and I were in heaven. He requested that we never buy bread again, which I'm all for as long as I have three or so free hours to make it every week.

The rest of the weekend, I was either really busy or passed out on the couch. I think the third trimester is finally catching up with me. Yesterday, I went downtown with some friends to get lunch, see a parade, and say hi to Adam who was working, and was totally exhausted after walking and standing for three hours. The parade was fun and I got a lot of beads and other Mardi Gras stuff, but, honestly, I'm glad to be back into the work week. Hopefully, I can relax a bit.
[Lesley and me, after the parade Sunday]


Matthew said...

Seriously, I am all about the snickerdoodles. And now I want some.

jenni said...

Those cookies look SO GOOD.