19 February 2009


I have a running list of the many, many things I'd like to accomplish. But very little is actually being accomplished. I had hoped at the beginning of this year to change things up, which I have to a certain extent. I am still trying to take things slow, to cook meals from scratch (though I'll admit to eating a bowl of cereal and air-popped popcorn for dinner once this week), to clean up instead of letting messes sit, to make the bed, and to be kind.

But I'll be honest, I don't do nearly as much as I'd like. Between being pregnant and Adam being in class every night, I get home from work and feel totally unmotivated to do much of anything. This week has been particularly bad because I've been choosing TV watching over doing much else. I even have thank you notes for my shower a month ago that still need to be written and sent.

Adam assured me that this is all no big deal, and if I need to rest and be lazy, I should. He can be so wise -- and definitely knows how to make me feel better.

What I'm waiting for is that nesting instinct to kick in. A friend told me that once it does, I'll have the cleanest toilets on the block. I don't care much about my toilets, but I would like to get a few things done.

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