03 January 2009

Morning Fog

More often than not, in the last month mornings have been covered with fog. We've had very little sunlight, and I kid with Adam that the lack of sunshine might send me into a tailspin of Seasonal Affective Disorder. In upstate New York, winters are marked not just by copious amounts of lake effect snow, but also a lack of sunlight. When we moved south, I was -- and continue to be -- impressed with how often the sun shines and how blue the sky is. Almost all of the time. Since I've taken an interest lately in photography, I've paid more attention to the sunlight and lack thereof, and have found myself a bit frustrated.

The fog has begun to lift, and in a bit Adam and I will walk to the drug store to fill a prescription and head to the library to pick up books. I'm hoping the fresh air will do me some good since I seem to have caught a cold and the left side of my throat is killing me. Last night, I felt awful and was asleep by 8:30. This morning, after 10.5 hours of sleep, I feel a bit better.

Yesterday was interrupted by a minor emergency that sent me to the doctor (not for my cold). But everything is okay with me and the baby. I just have an infection, hence the prescription. I have often heard that we should turn our worries into prayers, and that ended up being the order of the day. Ultimately, pregnancy makes me very aware of just how little control I have over my life and how much I have to trust God.

The highlight of my day was a package of Traditional Medicinals Organic Pregnancy Tea that my aunt sent me. I love getting real mail and was pleasantly surprised. Last night, before passing out, I had a cup with honey, and it was lovely. I have to send her a thank you note asap! Another resolution for this year is to implement snail mail more often. It's far more personal than e-communication and, I think, falls under the category of "Be more relationship and community oriented." I also hope to make people handmade gifts -- my head is brimming with ideas!

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