09 January 2009

9 | 365

I eat an apple and Adam makes peanut butter toast.
The counters are clear even though he's sick.
The dog barks when I rub his back.


Matthew said...

I really like the poetic commentary on this one. Methinks you have a good book idea going, here.

Lindsay said...

Matt, you are too kind.

Matthew said...

No, ma'am. I just have a particular fondness for seemingly disconnected bits of life and observation (even while I am unsure true disconnect is possible). Overt meaning is grossly overrated. As life largely a series of unrelated events, I (as both a writer and a reader) enjoy the responsibility of the reader of such texts to make connections where none seem to exist, because that is how life is generally observed.

That was unnecessarily long-winded, but it's a topic I am fond of, and one I still think on & struggle with frequently. Couldn't help myself.